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The ultimate Pet drying and and grooming towel by "Keep Cool"


This unique super absorbent grooming towel that dries wet dogs, cats, horses, and small pets.
Quick and easy to use after a shampoo/wash or a dirty walk. These are not Chamois and do not mould or smelly.


Environmentally friendly, super absorbent and absorbs 6 times faster and hold 100% more water that any other material. Retains water like a sponge. Feels cool to the touch, lightweight, breathable, tough and durable. It will remove dirt and soak up excess moisture from your pets coat, leaving it clean and dry enough for the car or home.


Simple to clean, when dirty just rinse under a tap or wash in the washing machine. Machine washable at max 30%, use non-biological powder and are reusable. Store in own re-usable container.


Available in one size



Width 43 cm

Length 67.5cm

Pet Drying Sheets

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