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The only horse bit in the world that does not contact the sensitive sides of the horse’s mouth


  • Exceptional Floating Mouthpiece that allows the horse to completely relax

  • Painless communication with greater control

  • The Pee Wee eliminates head tossing and laying on the bit

  • Encourages flexion and prevents the horse getting its tongue over the bit

  • A one-of-a-kind technology, creating harmony between horse and rider so you can sit back and enjoy the ride


What is a Pee wee bit?

The Pee Wee is the only bit on the market where the big rings do not contact the sensitive side of the horses face. The Pee wee eliminates the horses lips being forced against the teeth. In other bits the pinching causes the horse pain and results in the horse leaning on the bit and tossing its head to the side.


Medium - 14.3 up to 16.1 hands

Large - 16.2hh up

PeeWee bit

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