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A natural colour enhancing shampoo bar for horses & dogs. Formulated for darker coated dogs, bays, chestnut & black horses. Brings out the rich colouring and shine with added Indigo Powder, Walnut Oil, Activated Charcoal, Moroccan Clay, and Brazilian Black Clay.

An anti-microbial and plant-based formula with added essential oils of Rosemary & Lemongrass, that will leave horse and dog hair silky soft, with a vibrant natural shine. Gently calms skin irritations, fungal infections and help to deter ticks, fleas & other parasites.

Application: Wet hair with warm/hot water. Apply Naturally Dark directly to the hair and massage in creating a good lather. Rinse off and repeat if required. 


NOTE: do not use any soap products on bleeding open wounds, soap is alkaline and can irritate proud flesh. 

We do not use chemicals, alcohols, steroids, petrochemicals, fragrances, synthetics, carcinogens or preservatives in our soap.


Active Ingredients in our Naturally Dark Soap for Horses & Hounds:

 Coconut oil, Sunflower Oil, and Almond Oil - are rich in essential fatty acids and gentle on sensitive skin as well as containing essential vitamins and antioxidants for extra shine Activated Charcoal - Draws out impurities, toxins, dirt and oil. Walnut Oil - Promotes hair growth and is highly moisturising Moroccan Clay & Brazilian Black Clay - Deeply exfoliating without stripping the hair of natural oils Rosemary Oil - Creates a long lasting natural shine

120g bar in a cardboard box.

Naturally DARK - Coat Enhancing Shampoo Bar for Horses & Dogs

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