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70g Bluestone Bang: An anti microbial and anti fungal, malleable wax for the treatment of hoof ailments in horses. Fantastic for the treatment of seedy toe (while line disease) and thrush! Stays in place for extended periods. 


A semi permanent, antibacterial and anti fungal malleable wax used to seal and stabilise hoof cavities caused by hoof conditions such as seedy toe, thrush and white line disease.

Directions for use: Hoof should be dry and clean before application. Work the product with spatula or fingers to soften and apply liberally, working in to the hoof defect or area of concern. Remove at next time of next trimming / shoeing and re apply if necessary.

If no improvement is seen in 6 weeks contact your veterinarian.

  • Avoid contact with skin.
  • Keep Out of reach of children.
  • Toxic if ingested 

Active Ingredients: New Zealand > Tricketones Manuka oil,Peppermint oil,Copper sulphate

Bluestone Bang - Therapeutic hoof wax

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