Snug n Fresh is a specially designed laundry treatment for your horsewear, containing antibacterial and odour destroying features, superior cleaning action and a fresh clean scent. It is formulated to extend the life and hygiene of your horsewear without affecting the waterproofing properties and performance that a lot of harsh detergents do.


Perfect for washing natural fibres such as wool and cotton, Snug n Fresh won’t risk damage to premium fabrics. The treatment also revives tired fibres and allows easy removal of stubborn horse hair.

For the health of your horse and their skin, their horsewear should be frequently washed to remove any bacteria, dirt and sweat that can cause skin infections which can be extremely uncomfortable and detrimental to the health of the horse. 


By caring for your horsewear, you’ll increase its longevity, keep hygiene in check and the features working to a high level.


Snug n FRESH will keep your horsewear UberClean, smelling UberFresh and your horse UberHappy.

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