The Original Thirsty Dog Bottle is the worlds best drink bottle for dogs. Designed to be Innovative and on-trend. Thirsty Dog Bottle is an elegant, reusable drinking reservoir tailored for your pet. So you can hydrate any sized dog in style, anywhere on the go.



- The cup/bottle works with any size dog.

- You can easily recycle any un-used water for use next time.

- The bottle is fully leak-proof thanks to a unique water locking valve system.

- It's made with the highest grade of premium BPA-free plastic.



1. To fill with water. Simply unscrew the cup from the bottle.

2. Once filled with water, switch the small button right to display the green indicator to unlock the bottle.

3. Press the large button and tilt the bottle forward to allow gravity to fill the cup.

4. After your dog has finished drinking, any remaining water can easily flow back into the bottle by pressing the large button again and tipping the bottle backward - Goodbye water wastage!


"If your dog is afraid, place a treat in the cup to start".

Thirsty Dog Bottle

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