Excellent condition second hand pretige X-Meredith for sale.


18 inch +4 flap.


can be viewed in store



The X-Meredith saddle maintains the minimal and elegant trait typical of all its versions, but with an even more extraordinarily comfortable seat which, thanks to its unisex effect, supports the anatomy of both sexes, making the saddle even more comfortable for female riders. Compared to the previous version, the innovative X-Technology tree is slightly longer to offer a roomier seat, able to accommodate the two larger membranes that shock-absorb the stresses and increase the comfort. The new saddle maintains the narrow twist, typical of this model, giving a feeling of close contact. The anatomically shaped panels guarantee maximum freedom of movement for the trapezius muscles and their support base, which is wider along their entire surface, ensures a better weight distribution.




Prestige X-Meredith - Second hand