• Anatomically shaped blocks on velcro
  • "unisex" tree
  • Medium deep seat
  • Integrated or non-integrated (fp version) panels


The saddle is built on a new tree, derived from the X-Perience, which is designed to respect the morphology of modern horses and to provide comfort for the athletes. The seat is thinner for closer contact with the horse. It is wider at the cantle and provides an additional 30% more space in the seat. The twist is wide. The front blocks are available both anatomically shaped and small, with a velcro fastening. The rear blocks are large, with a velcro fastening. The panels are wider along their entire length to distribute the weight of the rider more evenly. They are thin and integrated with the under flaps to improve close contact. This version is recommended for horses with normal or small withers. Alternatively, the X-Contact is available with non-integrated panels ("FP" version) for greater versatility and adaptability to horses with large withers.

Prestige 'X Contact' saddle