Frans, a gentleman in a golden suit.


We know he ain't blue and we will tell you why.

This time we couldn't compromise with the taste.

German silver is similar to Sweet iron but has more of a coppery taste.

But the secret, let´s say superpower, is in the shape.

Frans has the best shape for a horse that a straight bit can have.

We have made the bend slightly forwards, and slightly upwards as well. Anatomical - to follow the natural curves of the horse's mouth.


Think about it. The bars are placed lower than the tongue, its more natural for the centerpiece of the bit to be placed higher than the sides.


Frans is the perfect bit to combine with your other bits. We promote to use different bits from time to time, to change where the pressure lays in the mouth.

FRANS - Fagers Anatomic GS Loose Rings Curved Bit