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Baby Pelham Double Jointed Titanium Bit - HENRY


Just another perfect match. Mr. Henry, with our popular Max's mouthpiece together with Baby pelham shanks. Baby pelhams are same as regular Pelham, only with shorter shanks. These shanks are very popular though you can change the leverage by changing the reins placement.

This bit can be used with one or two reins. By handling two sets of reins, you can decide the strength of the leverage while riding. If you prefer to use rein connectors, which connects one ring to the other. Then only one pair of reins is needed.

This mouthpiece is a durable and lightweight double jointed titanium bit. The middle piece has a 30mm lozenge, which is designed to take some of the pressure off the tongue and places it on the bars encouraging the horse to come up with his head.

The double joints remove the nutcracker action, as the bit stays in a curved shape, following the contours of the horse's mouth. Henry is supplied with curb chain and hooks. The chain can be detached in both sides and divides the pressure between poll, jaw, and mouth. Titanium is very light and has a lower thermal capacity, which ensures better comfort for the horse, especially in cold weather.

The lower weight helps the horse focus on the signals from the rider, instead of on the bit itself. Antibacterial and Biocompatible material Superior strength and extremely lightweight in the mouth Increases saliva, warm to the touch and encourages acceptance Non-toxic and hypoallergenic Low maintenance, easy to clean

Fager 'Henry' double jointed baby pelham

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