The Back on Track Royal Tendon Boots are made with a Thermoplastic Polyurethane (PTU) outer, and laminated in nylon to provide high density and even pressure distribution. The thick, soft neoprene inner is perforated for optimum ventilation.


These boots are lined with Back on Tracks trade mark Welltex ceramic fiber fabric, providing optimum infrared (FIR) therapeutic benefits for your horse. These boots are highly valuable for those looking to boost the performance of their horse. Scientific evidence suggests that FIR exposure has beneficial effects on cell and tissue stimuation. The Back on Track Welltex ceramic fabric utilises FIR emitting ceramics, which can penetrate up to 4cm into soft tissue. Benefits include pain relief, increased circulation, injury prevention and muscle relaxation, reduced recovery time, and much more.


Back on Track is the most recognised and accepted therapeutic aid worldwide. There is a proven correlation between quality of movement and performance. Back on Track is your first choice for quality of performance.


Back on Track Royal Tendon Boots